Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Katetoscopio Presents Covering Dylan Part 1 - 2

We have the honor and pleasure to present here a series created by our friend Κatetoskopio, founder and manager of  Lasgalletasdemaria, which is one of the oldest and historic blogs with reference to rock music.
As the title suggests this series refers to one of the most influential musicians of rock, Bob Dylan. Covers of his songs are still being produced by many solo artists and bands.
Our friend Κatetoskopio has put a lot of effort in this task by also including many covers made by various artists. We thank him a lot for providing us with this series and let’s start with the first part. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jose Kortozirkuito Presents The Spirit Of Metal - Daze Of My Youth Vol.2

Back in the middle of the 80s the appearance of Helloween was a revolution in heavy metal music scene . High speed guitars and fast rhythms , expressive vocals and powerful riffs and breaks , they can be considered one of the founders of speed metal, which later evolved to power metal.
Many European and especially German bands , influenced by this style and then by reaching the 90s there was the big boom and the success for power metal .
Here you have a small sample of these times that definitely will make you enjoy.
Jose Kortozirkuito

Heavy Daze Vol.2

Friday, July 11, 2014

Jose Kortozirkuito Presents The Spirit Of Metal - Daze Of My Youth Vol.1

Some years ago, when my good friend Jose Kortozirkuito was younger, he also had a thing for heavy metal music. So , when I thought that it is time to include some heavy metal music in this blog, I asked Jose to remember and share with us some memories of his old heavy daze.
So, here we are and let’s start with Jose's own words

Hola Amigos
It is my pleasure being here in this blog again, which i feel as a second home. Some time ago Fuzzy had told me that he wanted my participation in his effort to include heavy metal music in the compilations of Boozetunes blog and so I jumped in with no second thoughts.
And this because heavy metal music brings my memory back to 1994 - 1997 when I was a radio producer at a local station called Kortzirkuito ( short circuit ). That is where my nickname came from. It was a good time back then, nice gigs and nice friends.
The first volume here is dedicated to power ballads and is addressed to those who love old metal but also to those who don’t like it particularly. This first part is also special to me because it was originally made 13 years ago for the birthday of my friend Sylvia and I keep this habit to make collections for that day.
I hope you like these heavy ballads so we can proceed to the second part.
Jose Kortozirkuito

Heavy Daze Vol.1

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Anecdoradio Volumen 8

AnecdoRadio Volume 8 is here , including songs from Juan's great radio shows on  Radio UAA . Every Thursday night from 22.30 to 24.00 a.m. (Mexico Time) . Enjoy!

Anecdoradio Vol.8

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Mis Suenos Progresivos Vol. 01

Next compilation from Juan called Mis Suenos Progresivos and here we can discover some very interesting and rare 70s and 80s material from Mexican progressive rock bands and artists . Thanks a lot bro!

Suenos Progresivos Vol. 01

Friday, June 27, 2014

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Anecdoradio Volumen 7

And here is volume 7, songs from another great Radio Show with brother Juan , on   Radio UAA every Thursday night from 22.30 to 24.00 a.m. (Mexico Time) . Enjoy!

Anecdoradio Vol.7

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Psych Spaniolos Presents Summer Tunes

Psych Spaniolos is one of the most historic blogs specialized in 60s and 70s music.
Most of the music lovers have already visited this blog many times.
No need to say much about the material and information that we have found there , as for modesty and morals of the author. Without knowing him personally ,George has earned our respect through his posts.
During the last few days we were in contact several times and the truth is that the conversation was very interesting and humourous.Soon you realize that he is a man who has the same passion for good music and understand music as an integral part of his life. And here is an opportunity to say that our dealing with the music on our blogs is something that always amuses us and often carries us away. It is something that we feel good when they do it without any intention of confirmation, demonstration and promotion and no financial benefit of course.
Here then, with great pleasure, we welcome our friend George at Boozetunes blog , herewith a collection made for us and our very good friend Jose in Spain.
A big thank you and we are pretty sure that much work together will get done in the upcoming months.
For now let's enjoy these summer musical gems of the 60s.

Summer Tunes