Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bloozmonkey's 45 of the Week

Bloozmonkey's 45 of the week

Hello people!!! I'm gonna skip any rants and just get to the meat and potatoes of this thing here. As you can see, I will be doing a weekly thing called „Bloozmonkey's 45 of the week“, where every Tuesday I'll share some of the rare and bizarre music I collected here and there. Nothing „too posh“, it's really going to be something similar to what I'm doing on YouTube (but without the videos and trailers). If you're not familiar with my Youtube account and my work there, your life begins now, you can find the link in my profile on this blog… Go! Go! Go!

That said, here is the first in an ongoing (hopefully) series of posts regarding 45 oddities that I've come across. Bunny Hop was a dance created sometime in the early 50's, although the song is from around the early 60s (1963?) on Federal, and it's a great slab of teen awesomeness! Rumor has it it was played by Pete „Mad Daddy“ Myers on one of his shows (probably when he was stationed in New York on WINS). However I have no proof this is true. So if you have any information regarding this, please feel free to chime in ! So here's the song transferred from a 45, for your listening enjoyment!

Bloozmonkey, out !  

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