Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bloozmonkey's 45 of the Week

Well, well… here we are with another Bloozmonkey's 45 of the week!

I've been a bit of a wild man these past few weeks (or monkey if you prefer), so I thought I'd go with another jungle feature. I originally intended to post this on my YouTube channel as my next upload, but as Tuesday creeped in pretty swiftly, I figured I'd much rather post it here.

So here's a great double hitter by Johnny Clark & The Four Playboys, another 45 from my record haul. Johnny Clark was responsible for some truly cutting-edge sounds in the 50's and this instrumental is no exception. This tune is a splendid marriage of good moody surf and jungle chants, I must say. The b side is great as well, but the a side is a winner here in my humble opinion.

So don't be square, dad. Go and get it! 

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