Friday, December 9, 2011

Fuzzy Daddy Presents - The Roots Of The Groove - Northern Soul Vol.1

The Roots Of The Groove - Northern Soul

At the end of the 60's in English clubs, djs of their time, young English people of the mod movement and not only, on their research to find a genre of music, for dancing and showing expressions simultaneously, they lost no time to discover the reach legacy and the "wealth" of the afro american soul music tradition.
the movement that started from North England, it became a fashion, that lasted some years, and as usual what happens in these occasions, those people, djs and young listeners, started "digging" in smaller record companies,to discover hidden treasures, and lesser known artists. in the collections that will follow, there are some of those rare diamonds. Some of them are familiar to all. Some not so much. Be sure though, that all created, to play and listened loud. Enjoy Vol.1
Northern Soul Vol.1

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Bill said...

Just stumbled into your site and am about to enjoy the Fuzzy Daddy Presents the Roots of Groove series.Thank you for sharing all this GOOD stuff! I will be a regular visitor to your GREAT site.