Friday, January 6, 2012

Fuzzy Daddy Presents - Reminiscing Childhood Days

Often during the holidays, come to mind, images of the first age, when we looked at the world through the eyes of innocence, painting and laughing, playing and doing, those disarmingly simple questions.
The first posting of the new year by Fuzzy Daddy, includes songs associated with simplicity and truth of childhood and is dedicated to his wife and daughters.


Anonymous said...

As a 63 year old who still loves this music, i would like to thank you for this & the other great sounds you have posted & i agree totally with the title, the world & music certainly made more sense,

keep on rocking

jose kortozirkuito said...

Congratulations for this compilation. You have to feel very satisfied, for sharing this music with your friends know.
I love psych songs, and also the latest softer.
Mark Wirtz, the magician.

I hope the second half.
Greetings from Spain

TheCrazyCowProductions said...

as a team we wanna thank you for your kind words and the courage you give us to go on. keep on rocking is our lifestyle, and i guess, no matter how old we grow, we will be the same "insane rockers", with itchy bones, rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flue. best regards and stay tuned.
The Boozetunes Team