Thursday, September 27, 2012

Samakos9 Presents - Garage For Sale Vol.4

Remember a few months back we had a series that was with Greek garage tunes? Well that wasn't the end of it, it had more. But before i go posting, i would like to say a few words about the covers fronts and back. We used posters of Greek soft porn, ok some of them weren't soft, ha ha ha, and the back, as in the first trilogy is another Greek adult movie theatre.
Those places, the adult movie theatres, help people here grow up, discovering themselves and having fun at the same time. It is exactly as you read it, at least that was in the past.

Today, adult theaters, (porn movie theaters) lead a life of their last days, their decadence. The majority are close to the Omonia square, while in the province, they have completely vanished. Internet and DVD, led to the decline of this business.
These rooms, beyond their classical use, watching a porn film (masturbation is optional, but very-very common, so, daredevils and explorers of this "sport", beware), now are used primarily:
a) For gay pick up, as various kaimopoutses (Greek slung, for people who hardly find someone to have intercourse, they fall in to lads who are there either for the same purpose, or for the fun (yes, you can go there, at least in the past, with your friends to watch a lame porn film with bad sound or picture, and make fun of it loud, ruining the atmosphere for the elderly that were there usually masturbating in public view...).
b) For cheap semi-overnight, for homeless, as the ticket is cheaper from a semi-overnight in the cheapest hotel, plus that you watch a porn movie and there is the bonus option,  of a masturbation.
So deeply moved, the Boozetunes Team, comrades and contributors, before we enter those temples of pleasure, we stand with awe in front of them, considering their long history and their irreplaceable offer to the public.

Garage For Sale Vol.4

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