Saturday, September 29, 2012

Samakos9 Presents - Garage For Sale Vol.5

Famous centuries now for his democratic beliefs (Greece, the land that "invented" Democracy), the Greek, is still fighting for his right, to onanism (masturbate) in public. Literately or metaphorically.
...and of course with the a little help from his friends, EU, NU, NATO, etc etc.
From onanism in adult movie theatres, this habit went to further activities of the Greeks, like when working, when having fun spending money throwing flowers to their favourite singer,  before elections when politicians speak in public, and generally in every daily activity, even when driving or parking.
That, as a result, not only became an addiction, that was inherited through DNA to their descendants,  but also caused a decadence and tiredness to the "sport". Not that a cure doesn't exist, but is very possible, as soon as they recover, they will start onanism, again from the beginning. And it is important to notice, that the helpful friends, will offer again a "hand" to his problem...

Garage For Sale Vol.5

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