Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fuzzy Daddy Presents - Rock In Greece? : It Exists!!! Vol.1

Rock music in Greece, always had great acceptance.
From the 60's and later in the early 70's, the insightful people, the misleading mass media, and the "worthy" leaders, welcomed with joy the coming of rock, and embraced with affection all those artists, that stand out of the public, with the somehow strange appearance, long haired, and later on long bearded, youngsters.
That affection was so touching, that many of these weird, rock representatives,  couldn't handle it, so they left the land that bore them, to make a career in other countries.
Like many of them here, in the first volume of the series, back from the glorious 70's.

Rock In Greece - It Exists! Vol.1


Mário Mariones said...

Brazilian Dirty Punk/Garage Rock!


Anonymous said...

kai auto to kleidvse to MediaFire... anevasma?

TheCrazyCowProductions said...

an den mas ta kleidosoune ola tha eimaste tyxeroi, avrio logika tha einai ola pali epano. :D

juan manuel muñoz said...

thank you bro

France Toad said...

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