Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fuzzy Daddy Presents - Rock In Greece? : It Exists!!! Vol.2

Passing almost a decade since the 70's, the fights were seeking the vindication, following always the foolproof folk wisdom: "to fight united and to scoff separately" (in English: στον αγώνα ενωμένοι και στη μάσα χωριστά).
Successfully we reached the 80's.
New dynamic staff at the scene, less hair and beards, youngsters, restless, angry, with new ideas and new sounds.
The contestant public, the mass media of complacence, and the insightful leaders, ran to embrace them warmly...
Here we are now, in the 80's, where those musical ideas and opinions were exchanged in events and concerts with so much intense, that are resembled as home-made, Molotov bombs.

Rock In Greece - It Exists! Vol.2

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