Friday, October 5, 2012

Fuzzy Daddy Presents - Rock In Greece? : It Exists!!! Vol.3

As in the 80's, in 90's the "fun", continues unabated. Rock in Greece, is booming.
Nobody deals with cheap and shoddy productions, of the kapsouroskyladika scene. (Kapsoura: love for (slang): an intense feeling of love, that I feel mostly with my genitals and as a result, not to be able to judge. Skyladiko: bouzouki joint (slang): genre with Turkish-Baroque influences, addressed mostly, to those who have the previous sentiment).
An attempt was made, to impose this particular formula of entertainment  in the non-aligned public, the mass media of stupefaction and the "virtuous" rulers, but finds no response...
We undaunted continue and we listen to the melodic lines of rock, from that era. Join us to the journey.

Rock In Greece - It Exists Vol.3  

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