Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fuzzy Daddy Presents - Rock In Greece? : It Exists!!! Vol.5

After forty years of success, the rock is a status in Greece. In every major city, in every block a band exists, and every two squares one studio and one concert venue ...
Sales have rocketed, the concerts are endless and the events are successful.
Are we joking? We live in another country or on another planet? No, not that. We just like rock music as it was played and is been played by the Greeks, and we are rankled by the fact, that it does not have the acceptance that it should.
But isn't that a world wide phenomenon with good music? Perhaps it is better this way. Let rock remain beautiful and real. Like hidden secrets, we will never stop seeking it.
This is the end of the joke. Lets listen carefully and lets enjoy, the excellent work of young artists. They deserve it.

Rock In Greece - It Exists Vol.5


Anonymous said...

very good!

France Toad said...

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