Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Garagetapes For Boozetunes Part 1

We are a big budget movie, i mean blog, and we have many special guest stars, passing through your screen. Lots of interesting dialogues, lots of cameos, stars VIPs and because that intro will become a boring monologue, lets get to the point. We are proud to present a very special guest author, Mr GarageTapes, proud owner of the homonymous blog, Garagetapes,that we respect and honour, presenting revival girls from all over the world, covering classic (and some not so classic) tunes from the sixties.

Garagetapes For Boozetunes Part 1


jose kortozirkuito said...

It seems very beautiful collaboration between blogs.
We must make our blogs do not become bored.
If you want, I can post something of yours, and also do some compilation for you.
Greetings to the entire team

TheCrazyCowProductions said...

Dear friend, you will make us happy and proud to put your name in our guest list, by making a compilation for us. and we will be very happy to do the same to yours. get in contact with Fuzzy Daddy at his email . Cheers from the whole team and the booze brothers.