Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet The Janitors

As always here in Boozetunes, we support and introduce new artists and old if they like too, so this time we have the honour to present you the JANITORS. 
JANITORS is a lofi garage punk duo from Toronto. Picture a band that sounds like the Ramones, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. Then picture a second band that sounds like two pieces of Velcro, a jack in the box, Count Dracula and the Clown from IT. JANITORS is like a cover band of the second band who love the first band but now sound like JANITORS. 

They ’ve just released a new single “Yard Sale” , which you can dig and listen here

Yard Sale


“Your Son is a refreshing listening experience unlike any other I’ve had this year.” – Harrison Suits Baer
“Toronto’s Janitors have earned my adoration for their unhinged brand of lo-fi psych-rock..8/10” –

"Decidedly frantic and sludgy, Toronto's Janitors make garage punk that is sure to have your head throbbing." - Snob's Music - T.O

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