Wednesday, May 8, 2013

GarageLatino Goes To Boozetunes - La Cria Del Plata

It 's such a pleasure to meet beautiful people from far away places, through this blog. Another brother and friend, is Miguel aka Wirtis, from Argentina. At his exceptional interesting blog GarageLatino you can discover real music treasures, something that is well known to the majority of you, is good tho to help newcomers learn about it. Miguel sent us this wonderful collection of contemporary music bands and artists from Argentina. Let 's leave him, to present his collection through his words.
Hello Fuzzy Daddy, Wirtis From Argentina is speaking. It was a few months ago that i wanted to sent you something as a present since you sent me those two magnificent compilations for my blog and i thought: Hey Miguel you have to give a really good present to Fuzzy Daddy. And I put my mind to work... It was very difficult for me. In your blog there are too many things, such a world show of music, it gave me a headache thinking what to sent. So I said to myself: Miguel why dont you make a compilation of our music, of our folklore, that nowadays is taking a great and excellent form with the new blood.
So I did that, and here you are, having this compilation of new artists and groups, an example of how new groups are seeing our musical roots.
In the beginning the album opens with the band that change everything here in Argentina: La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes, a very deep and rocker tango. Later La Guardia Hereje, a great and mythical band that give a new sense to tango’s lyric with their singer (RIP) and great poet Jorge Alorsa Pandelucos. 34 Puñaladas is the one before that, a great band in the same mood, like La Guardia Hereje. Later Mariana Paraway, a beautiful girl that plays here in my country. She rocks only with her guitar and her magnificent voice. Well I’m thinking that being too punctual my review is going to bore you, so I will just tell you, here you are going to find tango, cumbia, folk, indie, electro tango and some not classifiable stuff. The idea was to show all this new sound from Argentina, a bunch of musicians who are mixing our roots with everything they feel. And they are doing in it with freedom and liberty, like it supposed to be.
Thanks Fuzzy Daddy for this chance to publish in your excellent blog.
We thank you Miguel, and we hope that we will have more of you, in the near future.

La Cria Del Plata


jose kortozirkuito said...

It is a joy for me to find a compilation of brother Miguel and see that music brings people together.
greetings to Miguel and Vasilis

wirtis said...

Hi my brothers!! Such a great pleasure to find you here!! Thanks Fuzzy Daddie for posting my work. I have already posted yours.
In a few days (maybe more: i`m a lazy boy...) i`m going to send you two more compilations. Thanks brother!