Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bruno Brown Presents El Que Empilcha A La Bartola

Proud to present you here another very good friend, Bruno Brown from Uruguay. Bruno sent us a nice rock collection that has to do with the 80's music. Here are a few words from our friend. Enjoy!

Hi Boozetunes!!! It is certainly an honor to be able to share this compilation of 80's rock from Uruguay and Argentina with you guys. Trying to catch the spirit of post-dictatorship rock and as a gift for two great friends of mine I ended up with this bunch of tunes.
Thanks to Jose this collection ended up in the hands of Fuzzy Daddy, a true music lover and one of the few with the special ability of understanding this spirit beyond the language barrier. It is with great honor that I now find this glimpse to the past in this great blog. For readers and listeners familiar with the subject, I know some basic tunes are missing, but this collection was (is) meant to have some more volumes. Well, I won't have you reading till total boredom so I will let the tunes speak for themselves.
Thanks so so much to Fuzzy Daddy for a great new friendship and to Jose Kortozirkuito, my great old friend and rock n roll father, for letting this happen. See you soon! Stay true!

Rock Rioplatense Post Dictadura

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