Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tommenton en la Cuadra Presenta... Holidays in Greece, 4th visit

Summer is here and i hope most of us have found some time to rest our bodies and minds with some beautiful moments and the people we love. Holidays in Greece are certainly very beautiful and that's why our good friends did not forget us and this year.
 Our brother Jose from the lovely Tommenton en la Cuadra sent us a nice garage compilation, with a fantastic and symbolic (he he) cover. Here's a few words from him to introduce you his great stuff.
Hello friends, after my winter holidays in Greece where I got to know my Mediterranean neighbors who surprised me with their simplicity and friendship, I wanted to return and where is better to go than to Piraeus with my friend Fuzzy Daddy with whom I've never lost contact as we're always exchanging new things. Summer's here and so in Greece, with its wonderful people, its happy children and its mermaids on the coasts. A people twinned with us in its difficulties and in spite of which we still manage to remain happy.
I've been thinking about this fourth edition of "Holidays in Greece" for a while now , and at the same time Fuzzy Daddy sent me a compilation so the exchange was instantly made. His work is published in my blog with the name "Para mis Amigos Jose y Sebi". You shouldn't miss it, it's a very good collection of psychedelia and similar styles.
Musically this "Holidays" follows the style of its three predecessors, mostly garage bands with dark sounds and a lot of folk influence. On a personal level i think it's the best of the four, none of the songs stand out from the rest and they all follow a similar line.
I hope you enjoy the music and the friendship and that all will help those of us with similar feelings come closer together and that we can enthuse about 2 minute songs that some unknown friend has thrown into the air hoping that someone will pick up the sound. It's a great honor for me to appear in this blog, a big hug to Fuzzy Daddy of who we would say in Spain, "Es un tio cojonudo".

Holidays in Greece, 4th visit

What more can we say? Just a big thanks brother, always a great pleasure to work with you.

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