Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GarageLatino Goes To Boozetunes - Argentinean 70' s Scene

And here is another nice compilation that Miguel, with the excellent Garage Latino blog, send us. A collection of hard rock and heavy blues, from the 70's Argentinean rock scene and a few words from brother Miguel.
"Hello Fuzzy Daddy, Hello Friends.
This music I'm sharing here, has the idea to give you a little view of the Argentinean 70's rock scene. Of course it isn't complete, most of the groups selected here are from the mainstream rock scene of that music era. I'm pretty sure that  there were a lot of bands like these but anyway, but I haven't a lot of knowledge about 70's . These selections remind me some of the better moments in my life. Wandering, freedom, anxiety and love .When I was a young man with long curly hair, much more handsome and taller than today, when there were more people like me around me, when I met that girl named Mary Jane and everything was love and peace. But life goes on and on, old times are changing and those moments stay in the past. I'm just glad about the things that I have lived, the things I have seen and listened.
This album has the intention to show what the musical background was in 70's and what was the feeling of these days. There is a bunch of real good tunes here. Especially, at least for me, that one played by Spinetta and Pappo together. This record, somehow, fits wonderfully with Bruno's  “El que empilcha a la bartola”, that was published here, some days ago. That is why I send this record to Fuzzy Daddy, I know that many people will listen to it and sure it is an honor to see my work published in such a great blog.
Well brothers, here you have my complaints for any bad time that Wirti's can give you and my thanks to Fuzzy Daddy, a great guy who loves music.
That's all for now, thank you all. Peace.

Argentinean 70's Scene (Go to Hell)

We have to thank you brother, for your words and your good work. Enough with talking, let's listen to the music! 


juan manuel muñoz said...

Hey Fuzzy and Wirtis, great work here. Muchas gracias hermanos míos. Podeis ir en paz, la música ha comenzado.

jose kortozirkuito said...

Hola Miguel:
No te pongas nostálgico, que lo que vivimos en la década de los setenta, por desgracia no lo vivirán las jovenes generaciones.
De todas formas, yo soy mas alto, mas guapo y con el pelo mas largo que entonces, tu no se.
Abrazo bró

wirtis said...

Hey José, hey Fuzzy!! Muchas graciaspor el link, muchas gracias por el espacio en tan buen blog como este. Y como tú dices José: yo también estoy mejor que aquellos años..! Abrazos rothers!!