Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Visits Boozetunes - Elegant Pop (Spanish Garage & Pop-Rock Series)

It 's been a common secret how much we like to treat our boozers with the best of the music we can. Boozetunes has managed to bring, compilations from all over the world, from connoisseurs of music, from specialists. Another visit as well from our friend Miguel from Spain, proud owner and author of,  that we thank a lot for his present, Spanish Garage Pop, and a few words from him. 

"Since I prefer to be an attendee visiting Boozetunes, I do not exactly know what I am doing here, in this Cathedral of Music. Nevertheless, this time I put aside all my fears, and present this comp, accepting their invitation.
Late Sixties Spanish Pop, was not different from any other country. Lyrics full of love, happy melodies, and a lot of efforts behind every band. They did not want to become Music Stars, but just to sing, and to enjoy their time, as long as a song. Now, we can enlarge this time till today.
Please, feel like them while listening!
Many thanks to Fuzzy Daddy, and to Crazy Mama for being so generous with me.
And many thanks to you all!!"

Elegant Pop
(Spanish Garage & Pop-Rock Series)


Fuzzy Daddy said...

It's a great pleasure and honor to have here Miguel from 66SpanishGarage blog. No need to say a lot, the music lovers and mostly those that fond 60's, they will understand when they will discover it. Many thanks to our friend Miguel . See you again soon.

jose kortozirkuito said...

I am very happy to see the work of my friends around the world.
Again, music has been the link between good people.
Miguel, is a specialist in Spanish ye-ye music. And he knows the feeling of picking up young people in our country.
Thanks to Miguel and Fuzzy Daddy, for this present.

Miguel López Pérez said...

Just enjoy the music here, there, everywhere!!!
With LOVE,