Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fuzzy Daddy Presents Reminiscing Childhood Days Vol.2

Another year passed and probably for most of us was a "difficult" one. No need to say much,what happens everyday all over the world, certainly is not at all beautiful. 2013, had good and bad moments just like in all the years of our lives. We are the ones that have to try to make every next year better than the previous one. Entering the fourth year of the life of Boozetunes, we feel the need to thank again all our good friends who visit us and follow us. Childhood and innocence are the most beautiful years of our lives. Fuzzy Daddy dedicates this one to his wife and daughters . Happy 2014 to all.

Reminiscing Childhood Days Vol.2


Hajul Ellah said...

This blog is a constant source of my listening pleasure, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your generous spirit. Wishing you the best and a happy New Year, my good friend. Hoping for you lots of joy and happiness this 2014.

jose kortozirkuito said...

Hi Friend:
This is a great compilation, in search of beauty, innocence and happiness.
All of us want to be happy in "parallel world of music."
Many greetings to you, your girls and all my good Greek friends.

Salaok said...

καλη χρονια με υγεια

Fuzzy Daddy said...

καλη χρονια Salaok ,thank you my friends.

William Shakespeare said...

Hello, good people..

Just another great comp!!!
A compilation facing the joy and innocence, something so unusual these days...

To me, music (mainly '60) has a special meaning: it is actually the index of our past life ... every melody, every song has the power to snatch us and lead us on a journey of excitement and splendor ...
I flew high with "No Elephants In My Garden" - Geranium Pond

So, welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!