Thursday, January 30, 2014

William Shakespeare Presents - Back in the 60's - A Psychedelic Daydream in Brazil Vol.II

Here's the second volume of  William Shakespeare Back in the 60's - A Psychedelic Daydream in Brazil and here are some notes from our friend.

"The musical goal of this comp is to express the "Psychedelic Trip" that was felt when using hallucinogens, extremely strong at the time of the '60s.
While the counter-culture demonstrated as an affront to the strong and conservative structures in the cultural and political circles, their musical expression was the psychedelic experimentation, the return to the "enchanted forest", where it was possible a social utopia, without urban duties and responsibilities.
At this time, the "free-love" and indiscriminate use of hallucinogenic drugs was a way to introduce all experiments and emotions castrated by the prevailing morality - all these excesses were being practiced shamelessly, were therefore a freedom to experiment, freedom to live. The need for hallucinogenic drugs was meant to break the way of life of the capitalist rationalism, along with the disconnection of the most superfluous and moral standards, however, as rigid as in the earlier century.
Therefore, the hallucinogenic experience was an experience of meaning, and transcendental connection. The "meaning of life" was the keynote and it was placed in its rightful place. This TRIP does not assert that there's a supposedly transcendent mysticism intrinsic to the world, but claim the possibility that, behind every thing, there is a greater symbolic content than you can see! Good Musical TRIP!
And last but not least: I wish to send a very Psych-THANK YOU to my good friends Fuzzy Daddy & Crazy Mama, that let me get into their house and speak my mind!!!"

A Psychedelic Daydream in Brazil Vol.II


William Shakespeare said...

Hello, good people!!!

The heat is on, here in Brazil...

Just 37°C (99°F)'s always

a hot summer days (and nights!!)

So...lets dream together and enjoy this moments listening to

this little collection!!


TheCrazyCowProductions said...

even tho it s winter here, and a little bit cold, psychedelic daydream in Brazil, still sounds perfect. Summer isnt that far away and i hope more daydreams will follow. thank you our dear friend, for your presents.