Saturday, January 4, 2014

William Shakespeare Presents - Back in the 60's - A Psychedelic Daydream in Brazil

I hope all the friends here to enjoy these little master pieces, that are small time capsules!! These songs represent a cultural revolution which will never be repeated again .... George Harrison said in an interview, that 1967 lasted 50 years(!!!) and  it was like going on a mini-renaissance!!!
We are proud to present here in Boozetunes land, Mr William Shakespeare, our friend from the beautiful and exotic Brazil, who sent us this beautiful compilation to share it with you and join him, daydreaming in Brazil.

A Psychedelic Daydream in Brazil


William Shakespeare said...

Hello guys

When I found this blog, I was amazed by the sequence of thematic albums, most of them focused in the 60s!

Immediately I downloaded almost every posts and from there,to get in touch with the band leaders, (Fuzzy Daddy and Crazy Mama) was just a natural step ....

For my surprise, I was immensely proud to be invited to post in this amazing blog!

So, this is my very first post, and I tried to go back in time and reviving from psychedelic songs, this movement that also reached Brazil in the 60s ...

There are many more to come!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

W. S.

" old man is twice a child."

Rob said...

Welcome along.......