Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Anecdoradio Volumen 1

And the music on the radio, and the music on the radio
Has so much soul, has so much soul
And you listen, in the nightime. While we're still and quiet
And you look out on the water. And the big ships, and the big boats
Came on sailing by,by,by,by. And you felt so good,and I felt so good...

These wonderful lyrics from "Take Me Back" song by the unique Van Morrison.
A picture that brings some of the magic that radio has. And the reason for this collection, is the participation of brother Juan (Amigo Del Blues) on this Radio Station, at his motherland, beautiful Mexico. And of course because there is this magical tool called the internet, we, on the other side of the earth, can listen to him broadcasting every Thursday evening 22.30 - 24.00 a.m.(Mexico Time) And so here, we present some of the songs that recently aired, on our friend's Juan Radio Show. Enjoy!

Anecdoradio Vol.1


jose kortozirkuito said...

Amigo Juan:
Alegria de verte de nuevo por aquí, tus trabajos son siempre bienvenidos,
A ver si algun día madrugo para oir elprograma.
Saludos de tu amigo Jose

juan manuel muñoz said...

My brother Fuzzy, many thanks for this, and all the people who make possible. José, mi amigo apreciado, muchas gracias y cuando lo puedas escuchar, me sentiré complacido y te mandaré saludos afectuosos.