Sunday, March 30, 2014

Boozetunes Presents LaDiDa band

A few words from LaDiDa's member Rat

My name is Rat and I play in the band LaDiDa based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

LaDiDa bring you Alice in Wonderland garage pop-punk, energy driven, fun and theatrical with influences from PJ Harvey, Iggy Pop, Cardiacs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the visual world of David Lynch.
The band is best known for its live performances where their energy on stage and music deliver a highly entertaining and thoroughly visual show. 
In addition, the band's instrumental arsenal goes beyond the traditional guitar/bass/drums combo with singing saw, melodica and stylophone all making an appearance, creating a unique sound and energy which we've been taking to stages around Europe since 2009. The current line-up is Bea - Vox, Guitar, Saw and Melodica (busy lady), Rat - Guitar, BVs, Erik - Drums and Andy on bass.
LaDiDa released our self-titled debut album in February this year recorded at Svenska Grammofon Studio, one of Scandinavia’s top recording studios together with highly respected producer Hans Olsson (Timo Räisänen, Hello Saferide, Looptroop etc.) which is available (digital / download only at the moment) on the majority of online platforms including Spotify, Wimp, iTunes and Amazon.
In conjunction with the album release we also have videos to the songs "Idiot" och "Dance" for your viewing pleasure!

You can listen to and see the band here:
Public Promo Track DANCE:  

(5 tracks from the album, private promo only):
Spotify (full album):

Alternatively, if your not Spotty - Wimp (full album):
Band page with music, more videos, reviews:


Enjoy! Thanks for taking your time to check us out.
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Unclaimed Bands said...

I Love this Band! I got to do an interview with them last month had a great time talking to them! Check it out here!