Friday, March 14, 2014

Garagetapes For Boozetunes Part 2

After quite some time, we are pleased and honored to have the second part of the collection of the revival girls from all over the world, covering classic (and some not so classic) tunes from the sixties. This collection was created by our very good friend  Michael, the owner of the Garagetapes
The amazing and unique work in his 60s inspired garage rock  blog, is well known and constitutes a great source of information and inspiration for us.
Many, many thanks Michael. It is time to let you all garage lovers enjoy this collection now.

Garagetapes For Boozetunes Pt 2

Pic: The Mongrelettes by E. Patsialos


jose kortozirkuito said...

Hello friends:
It is always a joy to see that cooperation and friendship still alive.
Michael is an expert on girls (musics), I hear this comp. fondly.
Thank you very much to my Greek friends.

Rob said...



jose kortozirkuito said...