Monday, March 24, 2014

Opa-Loka Presents The Gathering Of The Tribe

A long tyme ago there was this blog that made all the music lovers, including us, waiting eagerly for every new posting. There was a bunch of different people with different music perceptions and preferences that presented very special  and interesting bands and artists. Every post was very detailed and well presented and there was always something important to be discovered. We refer to Lost-in-Tyme blog and we don't have much more to say than to thank everyone who was involved in this effort. Let us remember for a while these beautiful days through a collection created by Opa-Loka,who was one of the main contributors of the blog.

The Gathering Of The Tribe


juan manuel muñoz said...

many thanks to both, Opa-Loka and Fuzzy, the best for you two.


innocent76 said...

amazing cover ART !!!

Akis cybernaut said...

sweet !

Psy Guy said...

Thanks, yes, Lost In Tyme had to be the best psych oriented blog ever.