Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sebi Presenta Sad Songs

Let your mind travel. A journey full of sounds and images. Moments and pictures, moments in places we have been, moments in places we wish to go, people we met, people we wish to meet, deep thoughts, emotions of joy and sorrow. Music was always there, loyal companion in every moment.
Music in this compilation, was chosen by our good friend Sebi from Spain and our beloved
Sebi a great big thank to you, and a big hug for you.

Sad Songs Cd-1

Sad Songs Cd-2


Sebi Hernadez said...

Dear Fuzzy Daddy:
Thanks for the very nice expressions about my compilation.
This is the result of a sad time in my life, music accompanied me and decided to make this's Compilation.
There is always something good in deep emotions, music gave color to those moments.
this is the result: "SAD SONGS".
I am very grateful to post in this wonderful Blog.

Xue Bao said...

Great Share ThXz a lot

jose kortozirkuito said...

Great woman, great post.
I Love You

juan manuel muñoz said...

Thanks Fuzzy, Sebi and José. Lo mejor para ustedes

Steven Yoo said...

These sad songs are easy, but make me listen to it. Thanks.

babelain said...

DJ Sebi, muy buena selección de canciones tristes. Hay muchas que han sido canciones de cabecera años atrás, por ejemplo "The Imigrant Lad" de Eric Burdon and The Animals, o "All tomorrow parties" de la Velvet, o "Oh Camill" de Graham Nash etc.
Ahora toca hacer la reco de canciones felices, no?


paycheckfan said...

Hello and many thanks for this superb blog! Now i know its a big ask but i would be so happy if you re upload this compilation, tack så mycket, from Sweden :)