Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fuzzy Daddy Presenta Aragon, Mosica y Borinas Vol.1

Aragon, Mosica y Borinas series, is special for us. The music comes from Spain and the province of Aragon, in the north of the country. The idea and the reason to make this series is the personal relationship, friendship and mutual respect that connects the contributors of this blog with the wonderful
This series is dedicated first of all to brother Jose and his partner in life Sebi and of course to all the beautiful people of this special corner of the world. A great and proud country with many areas untouched by time. The snowcapped peaks of the Pyrenees, the lonely plains, the magnificent canyons with abundant waters, those beautiful houses, are images that fascinate and excite the mind.
So, this first part is closer to the musical tradition and the colors of the region and includes some traditional and some contemporary artists. Enjoy!

Mosica y Borinas Vol.1

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jose kortozirkuito said...

It seems incredible! A comp. Traditional music of Aragon in a Greek blog!
One day "Fuzzy Daddy" sent me some photos of the mountains of Greece were very similar to those of Aragon.
The music will transport you to the land.