Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MovingWithHeavyHeart Presents One Flew Over The Kiwi's Nest

Through this collection we welcome another friend from http://overtherainbow.forumgreek.com/. MovingWithHeavyHeart is a great fun of alternative & underground music and admin of http://movingwithheavyheart.blogspot.gr/
He presents us here a short tour to the magical pop scene of the 80s New Zealand. A scene that is very similar to the Australian one and very popular to musiclovers here in our country.
The contemporary New Zealand pop scene begins in 1981 with the appearance of Flying Nun, an independent record label formed in Christchurch. This is the main contributor to the myth of the 80's & early 90s New Zealand scene, since most of the bands of this era produced their albums through this record label.
The main cities supporting this scene were Christchurch and mostly the legendary Dunedin. Ιsolated from the country's main punk scene in Auckland, which had been influenced by bands such as England's Buzzcocks, Dunedin's punk groups developed a sound more heavily influenced by artists like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges.
This was complemented by jangly, psychedelic-influenced guitar work reminiscent of 60s bands such as The Beatles and The Byrds, and the combination of the two developed into the style which became known as the Dunedin Sound. Primitive recording techniques also gave this genre a lo-fi sound. The other very important label was Xpressway which specialized in more experimental bands. It was founded in 1988 and began releasing and distributing cassettes via mail order, to offer a lifeboat for those artists who had been dropped by Flying Nun Records, as Flying Nun moved away from its low-fi roots to focus on artists with more commercial potential.
After this short introduction, the time has come to enjoy the collection now.

One Flew Over The Kiwi's Nest

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