Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Achillefs Presents Punks Do It Better

And here we welcome Achillefs, another friend from http://overtherainbow.forumgreek.com/. Achillefs likes the underground and alternative music scene and most of all the punk rock music. Some words from him to introduce his first comp to Boozetunes land.
I have listened to music since I was a kid, not long enough compared to others but enough to have an opinion. Some of it crap some of it good. But  punk is what makes my blood flow. It’s the rawness, the energy, the attitude and most important of all the feelings that  punk  creates in my heart. And these are freedom, love (yes, punks feel it too), power (not the macho one, the power to overcome the shit in life) and  hope for the future.
That’s all punks! Enjoy inresponsibly. Cheers!

Punks Do It Better

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