Monday, June 23, 2014

Garagelatino Presents Horror Pop

After quite some time our good friend Miguel , from the wonderful Garagelatino blog , sent us a new compilation here.
I was happy of course ,as always happens when our friends sending their work in this blog , but seeing this scary cover i felt a fear through me. So first i closed the door in this room , told my wife to keep the children away and then i keep my breath and carefully pressed the play button .
When suddenly several frightening voices and sounds started coming from the speakers, the terror gripped the room. But what a mystery , as long as i continued listening , i thought yes that's nice , i like it more and more and finally i found myself dancing with this Dracula Ye Ye stuff.

Thanks a lot brother Miguel


M GR said...

Hello to Fuzzy Daddy, Crazy Mama and Miguel (thanks for the nice comp)

Happy summertime to all////

Fuzzy Daddy said...

Happy summer Michael . All the best to you and your family!

jose kortozirkuito said...

Bro Miguel:
Que alegría tu vuelta a Europa, a casa de los amigos. La he escuchado esta mañana, buenos clásicos y cosas desconocidas.
El Dracula Ye-Ye, parece que se va a convertir en el himno del scream latino.
Por cierto, si quieres verme haciendo de Drácula Ye-yé en una fiesta mirate esto:

Saludos a Fuzzy por compartir no solo su música sino tambien sus amigos.


wirtis said...

Hey my brothers Fuzzy and José!! Thanks for the welcome, thanks for be alway sharing music. It`s a placer for me.
Pd: Vi tus fotos José, se ve que la pasan muy bien por allá, jaja! Abrazos, a big hug my brothers!