Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Boozetunes Presents - Odessey and Oracle

Boozetunes is always proud to present, new bands and new releases, especially when they have to do with our preferences in the musical genres.


I just would like to introduce our music to you  and our new album:
Odessey & Oracle and The Casiotone Orchestra

We're about to release our first album (CD and LP) on the indie french label CARTON Records.
Despite we come from the very underground scene, we have tons of good feedback and this album and are going to be reviewed everywhere in France in the next weeks.
Odessey and Oracle in THE DRONE review
Odessey and Oracle in Electrophone review

A lot of radios in France play the record such as France Culture and France Musique !?! which is weird given to the music we play…
We have some reviews to come in USA, UK, New-Zealand, Italy, Germany too!

Taking its name from the album of the English band The Zombies, released in 1968, the Odessey & Oracle project carries on exploring paths traced in the late 60's by British and American psychedelic bands with a particularly ornate style, sometimes referred to as "baroque pop".

Far from a "revival"-like aesthetic, the trio was inspired by a certain freedom of these optimistic years during which experimenting was hip and heretics steps were acclaimed by the crowd.

Drawing their influences from the early classical repertoire (Baroque, Renaissance, Medieval…) as well as from more contemporary electric music, Odessey & Oracle compositions with sophisticated arrangements give wide space to counterpoint and hybrid instrumentation, using early instruments (viola da gamba, baroque cello, flutes…) and modern specimen (electromechanical pianos, Dobro resonator guitar, banjo, analog synthesizers…).

Odessey & Oracle first album has received the support of a dozen musician friends who recorded vocal and instrumental parts (strings, winds…), thus giving birth to a speculative band called the Casiotone Orchestra.

These songs , in a style that could be described as " baroque pop " in reference to some musical trends of the late 60s and perhaps evoke The Zombies, The Left Banke, The Beach Boys, Duncan Browne or Saggitarius… are not meant to be an aesthetic "revival"; it is simply music of the 2010s incorporating various influences from the Middle Ages to the present day, from JS Bach to Dirty Projectors, through Brian Wilson, White Noise, Moondog or Robert Wyatt …
8 inventions serving as interludes between songs are composed in a contrapuntal style in 4 parts but variously orchestrated for a quartet of electric guitars, analog synthesizer orchestra or a real string orchestra…

Fanny L’HÉRITIER: lead vocals, baroque cello and electromechanical piano
Alice BAUDOIN: electric harpsichord, analog synths, recorders and vocals
Guillaume MÉDIONI: guitar, dobro resonator guitar, banjo, viola da gamba and vocals

The album (LP and CD) will be released in december 2014 on CARTON Records:
CARTON RECORDS Odessey & Oracle

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Popville said...

Heard this yesterday for the first time. Tis VERY, VERY GOOD!