Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jose Kortozirkuito Presents Elektronik Destruktiv Komando Vol. 1

The next four days we will present here a series sent to us by our dear friend Jose. Everyone here knows about the marvellous Tommenton blog and the wonderful music that someone can find there , but here we have something completely different , which surprised us at the beginning.Our knowledge in this music is limited but this brief presentation here below ,made us think a little more about .

Way back in 1992 when "Ministry" released "Just One Fix", something told me that a door to madness had opened. I quickly got caught by their frantic rhythms and this mix of metal with electronica. Electronic music never captivated me, even when it became fashion, I was rather bored with these cold sounds. But that explosive mixture, this combination, the electric guitars and the loud voices, really excited me. And then I discovered "Cubanate", they caught me with their violent and wild sound.
Years ago I wanted to do this mini-series and finally here it is, in four parts, for all of you. It may be difficult to listen for the first time be aware tho, with the slightest "carelessness", this music slinks directly into your brain and is very difficult to escape its spell...
If you do not like it, calm, stay in the sanity world. But if you keep on, here you have a small "Introduction to Madness"
Jose Kortozirkuito

Then we just turned the volume up and we left our body and mind in the power of sound.Enjoy!

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