Monday, December 22, 2014

Sebi Presents Yaya Colorin

They did, all silent and Yaya Colorin said:
When you were very young I gave you all a gift, your colored bonnets.
All different, and alike as you are , and same as the innocence you've got, the bonnets also have something in common, a touch of magic that I hooked into the fabric, one strand of color in which I put in a spell.
"MoonLight" to enlighten you since you were born, while you learned to walk, and up till now that you run like gazelles.
"The Heat Of My Hands" to make yours become agile, enable you to make good things with them and always willing to reach them out to a friend.
"The Goodness Of My Heart" so that yours would always be sweet and seek peace.

Yaya Colorin Rock

Yaya Colorin Story

A sweet fairy tale for children of all ages. And here a few words about, from our good friend Sebi .

The story of "Yaya Colorin" was born out of my inspiration, the muse that not always accompanies me, but when she does, she surprises me and almost always for good, but I will tell you the cause of my inspiration.
For about the last eighteen years, whenever any close friend has a baby, I give her an elf type colored bonnet for the baby to come, I knit them with a lot of enthusiasm, hand-woven, all in very happy colors.
When the baby is born, as a form of baptism, I personally put them the bonnets on, when they just are a few days old.
This has already become a kind of tradition, so that some lady friends instead of telling me they’re going to give birth for this or that month, tell me: Sebi ...a  bonnet for that month! and that is a joy.
One day, mulling over whether this fact deserved a story, Jose, my companion, said to me ... Why not write a story about your woven bonnets?
They could have a magic thread ... just the idea that haunted my mind, and that's how this fairy tale was born, I have a special affection for it and hope you enjoy it as well.
The drawings got out of me almost just like that, alone, although I'm not good painter, but I know to tell what I mean and I love to do that, the music was a surprise gift from Jose, one morning I found a green envelope, color hope, between the bed sheets, which took me straight to the heart with this colorful compilation. This is the result of an entire world of colors!
Hope you like it and that it will put Color To Your Imagination!
With all my love
Sebi (Yaya Colorin)

Thank you very much. Sebi and Jose. We love you.


Sebi Hernadez said...

Fuzzy thank you very much for your interest in my story.
It's a nice opportunity for me, so that it reaches many people.
It makes me illusion, I read it in English.
Enjoy it.

Fuzzy Daddy said...

Thanks a lot Sebi , A lovely story and nice colorful music too !