Friday, February 12, 2016

William Shakespeare Presents A Long And Lasting Love Affair

And here is our friend William Shakespeare from Brazil with a new comp .  Thanks a lot William , you are always welcome here in Booze land. Here is a small intro from our good friend .
"In the 70s it was common Brazilian artists create a nickname and to record singles as international artists. Many consumers bought these records thinking they really were English or American singers, even radio broadcasters have been cheated . One of the pioneers was William Thomas Standen which, despite it's name, was a Brazilian grandson of Englishman and adopted the stage name of Terry Winter and made huge hit with Summer Holiday. Another highlight is the song Do Not Let Me Cry, sung by Mark Davis, who later adopted his best-known name Fabio Junior. And yet another big name is Chrystian that was very successful with the ballad Don't Say Goodbye and today using the same name, form the folk-duo Chrystian and Ralf .  This collection was made especially for the old times, when we used to dance to the sound of these songs, embraced at the Saturday night dances .... Enjoy that feeling!

Love Affair

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