Friday, September 16, 2016

Dr Psych & The Invisible Side of Rock Present The Side Effects of Mind Therapy Vol. 1

You all know that Boozetunes, co operates with a lot of people of science, since Boozetunes itself is a therapeutic center and has a licence to do scientific projects (ex. Reverend Fuzzy Daddy Exorcise Demons Out In The Name Of Blues).
In one of the last symposiums we took part, the guest of the night was Dr Psych, and his theory about the healing-therapeutic side of music, especially psychedelic, in long terms of use.
Either with the company of booze and friends, or simply your other half, even alone, according to Dr Psych, music and especially psychedelic music, has a lot to offer when you tripping through your mind.
The treatment doesn't need hot air balloons, fields of flying daffodils, pink elephants or any special "wiring". With the help of a descent amount of decibels you will get to the highest levels of the substance you need, for your therapy to start.
Dr Psych's treatments are covered by the insurance package every Boozetuner has, so you can get them without prescriptions, for free here in Boozetunes.
Another social contribution from this glorious blog. (we are also very modest here, no to forget)...
Highly Noted
No animals harmed for filming this movie.
None of our products was tested on animals.
Possible side effects: bliss, addiction to the genre, and constant smiles of happiness and fulfillment.
Enjoy irresponsibly!!! Doctors orders!!!
(Volunteers are needed for being test subjects)

Vol.01 Off The Meds

You can visit Dr Psych in his office,

The Invisible Side of Rock


juan manuel muñoz said...

welcome doctor. Thanks a lot, my bro

Invisible Side of Rock said...

Thank you my friend! I hope you'll like it!

Clarence E. Jones III said...

I Need my Therapy! Thank you from my mind.

Invisible Side of Rock said...

Thanks Clarence!

jose kortozirkuito said...

Excellent and surprising collection. All unknown to me.
Welcome to "Boozetunes-Club"
I hope new volumes.
Greetings from Spain