Monday, September 19, 2016

Lord Sebastian Presents Zorba the Freak Tells his Untold Stories Vol. 1 (The 70's Singles)

It was a cold night(!!!) a few days ago that a tired pigeon knocked the door of Boozetunes. Thunders and lightnings were whipping the air outside. Fuzzy opened the window to see what 's going on, and a huge pigeon flew in and after a circle, it sat on Fuzzy's desk. With a human voice the pigeon, said to the speechless Fuzzy: "I carry a message for you, and it isnt in a bottle, neither in the tube that is tied on my left claw". Fuzzy said: "Pigeon you can talk!!!"
"You should go to your computer Fuzzy", the pigeon said calmly, "and check you e-mail". The pigeon rests its wing comfortably on a pile of compilations, while observing silently Fuzzy checking his email...
It was there!!! An email from an unknown to us sender, that included the songs you see in this collection.
His demands were to make whatever artwork we like for them, post the collection here in Boozetunes land, and feed some lemon drops to us in order to be able to continue seeing the pigeon and talk to it.
That was the moment the pigeon open the tube, that had tied on it, and throw some sugar lumps on the desk...
While listening to all the tunes, we were surprised and enthusiast cause rare! hard to find and unknown "diamonds"! of the the greek music scene of the 70's, only singles, were included!!!
A collection for the few us, that we really know that era... The pigeon started flying above Fuzzy's head, in circles telling him, "You are in Lord Sebastians team now, and you should expect more to hear from him in the future.This message will self destruct in 5 seconds"  and in the countdown of 5, it became glitter, dust and confetti.
Dazed but not confused, we complied with his demands and now we are sharing it with all of you, our beloved boozetuners.
Mystery will remain who is Lord Sebastian.
Might be Greek too(?)
A crazy collector hidden in his vaults(?)
A veteran of the scene(?)
A magical entity(?)
Will he contact us again in the future?...
Very possible assuming that this one says Vol.1.
With the fog that mystery left behind, there is only one thing left to do. Enjoy the rare 70's Greek by Lord Sebastian.

The 70s Singles Vol.01

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