Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Ultimate Psychedelic Sunshine Presents The Family Vol.1 & 2

Dear Boozers, we proudly present you, the  Ultimate Psychedelic Sunshine, brotherhood.

"The Ultimate Psychedelic Sunshine" is a brotherhood, that cares and cultivates the path to the psychedelic experience. The sound results will be posted here, in the friendly  and welcoming "Boozetunes" blog. These music collections you see, selections from the members of this brotherhood, are dedicated to all those that worked with us for the group, and all those that we keep in our minds, as a rule for the expansion of perception and peace.
The first 6 official collections of the brotherhood are a fact. Selections made, from the very first members, each one, with 3 picks giving us, exceptional pleasure and entertainment for hours.
Enjoy them!!!

The Ultimate Psychedelic Sunshine on facebook:

 The Family Vol.1

The Family Vol.2

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