Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Boozetunes Presents Anazitisi Records Vol.01

Today we are happy to announce here in Boozeland this great collection. Here you will enjoy some music choices from the releases of Anazitisi Records, one of the top Greek companies that specialize in releasing hidden gems from the 60s and 70s, that we all music enthusiasts of course listen and seek.
The company exists for many years and its interest is not only focused within the Greek borders, but has also friends from over the world, receiving always excellent reviews for its releases and collaborations.
Our very good friend and director of Anazitisi Records , Nikos Karathanassis, who is a big music enthusiast and connoisseur, specializes in releases from the 60s & 70s (and in some modern bands) that fall into the genres of :
psychedelic rock, progressive rock, kraut, garage rock, acid folk, hard rock, greek rock, blues rock etc.
You can visit the webpage of Anazitisi Records at :

as well as its very active Facebook page at :

There, you will find the company's releases, a plethora of vinyl records and all the  contact details.
Moreover, at the webpage of Anazitisi Records you will notice a link to our  internet radio, apart from all the company's stuff.

This radio is the latest try of a group of friends to share excellent music pieces with  the world, as well as other news and releases of the company .
Our radio  began recently and is constantly improving day by day, in order to keep up with Anazitisi Records' high quality releases.

So now friends and music lovers out there , here is Volume 01

Anazitisi Records Vol.01

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juan manuel muñoz said...

welcome Anazitisi Records Vol.01. Thanks, my dear brother