Sunday, April 9, 2017

Amigo Del Blues Presenta Anecdoradio Volumen 77

A few days ago, three years completed from the beginning of Anecdoradio , brother's Juan radio show at  . The legendary Anecdoradio continues, with unlimited imagination and concern to explore rock, blues and soul music.
Celebrating this anniversary opportunity we present here the listeners’ choices heard at the festive and anniversary show.
Thank you very much brother Juan and wish you all the best !!!

Anecdoradio Vol.77


jose kortozirkuito said...

Felicidades por el 3er. aniversario.
Tus fans todavia esperamos tus tres canciones favoritas.
Saludos a todo el stuff.

juan manuel muñoz said...

Many, many thanks, Fuzzy, for your words, and thanks to all. Cheers

juan manuel muñoz said...

José, muchas gracias, en el próximo programa pondré mis 3 canciones favoritas, saludos