Saturday, October 14, 2017

Matjas Presents The Reshining Beauties - Fuzz Acid & Flowers Vol.01

Today we are proud to present here at Boozetunes Land and together with our very good friend Matjas, another unique music collection.
Collected in this series are the songs that are mentioned in the fabulous Vernon Johnson book ‘Fuzz, Acid and Flowers’ as the best songs from singles and lp’s.
There are over 2500 songs in alphabetical order.
So friends , here we go . Stay tuned and enjoy !!!

F.A.F. Vol.01


skipmooose said...

On Refreshing Beauties, track 22 & 23 are by St. Thomas out of Allegheny, Pa.
The name of the comp is 809 Ridge on Gateway Records (1969)

skipmooose said...

808 Ridge, not "809"...Sorry

Pat said...

Great Collection & Great Blog! Thanks so much. Pat