Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Psych Spaniolos Presents These Are The Tender Years Vol. 18


skipmooose said...

Question on Track 8....The Back cover says it's the Eastern Alliance with a different song...The Track 8 here is "For You" by Spektr'm but this is not even the version I have, so is it an alternate take or a different group?

Also, Track 13 is called "You Lose Girl", not Loose, just trying to help out, when possible....Thank You for any info you can provide....Skip Miller

Psych-Spaniolos said...

Good afternoon Mr. Skip Miller.

Track 8 yes it's another version i like most... The Spektrm - For You (BCR records - West Bend, Wisconsin). I think you can listen this version also in beyondthebeatgeneration radio.
As for the track 13 you are right ...of course it's "Lose" and not "Loose" ...sorry

So my dear friend FUZZY DADDY must remake the back cover.

Thanks so much for your comment