Thursday, October 11, 2018

Boozetunes presents - The C-Drain

A small break from our creations as we are very proud to introduce you to the C-Drain .

C-Drain started as one man project - behind it Christos Pappas,a  multi instrumentalist , an interesting and talented artist , who has been involved in various projects and  bands in the past as front man , guitarist ,  songwriter  and  producer.
In present time with new band members for live shows, searched for a new production aesthetic through experimentation with vocal and instrumental timbres, resulting in a truly ‘Indie’ creation.

Back in December 2016 they issued the ‘Covers Unplugged’ EP with covers of songs by Joy Division, Lead Belly, New Order, Mazzy Star and Coldplay.
Creating a low-profile sound it was a very nice and fine standing work which also surprised us when we listened to it.


2.Round N’ Round : LISTEN (unplugged)

3. Love will tear us apart (Cover) - Listen

And then their latest four-track debut of original music, is 'No Plumbing Business’, in 2018 , and now we are absolutely sure that Chris knows how to write beautiful pop songs.
And as C-DRAIN states:‘Each song reflects a different phase and season, which I’ve tried to capture in the sound of each track’, beginning with ‘Come On!’ (Summer), continuing with ‘Fly’ (Fall), ‘Round N’ Round’ (Winter) and ‘Sunny Day’ (Spring’). It’s a kind of ‘Four seasons’ EP, but not
for Vivaldi’s fans!

And some more info here

Short Bio, Press Release, Reviews, Photos : C-DRAIN info 

C-DRAIN on: Facebook Sound cloudYou Tube Instagram

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