Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fuzzy Daddy On The Lost In Tyme Radio

For those that seek chills and thrills, every Wednesday 21:30-23:30 sharp (Greek time zone) on The Lost In Tyme Radio, "The Popsike Diaries" with Fuzzy Daddy live streaming, narrating and selecting, are there for you to enjoy.
You get to listen to Various Mixtapes, of Psych Pop, Psych Folk, Prog, Rock, Indie Pop, Folk, Soul, Groove and many more, all selected one by one By Fuzzy Daddy.
For those that they can't listen to the show live they can always get the mixclouds we save for you.
Here you will find our first show, of 15/10/2018.

Fuzzy Daddy is waiting for you to join him on his magical mystery show, with his Popsike Diaries.


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