Saturday, October 6, 2018

Lost In Tyme Radio

Breaking News
For All Our Dear Boozetuners, Music Lovers and 
Music Maniacs around the world!!!


Our natural evolution from bloggers to broadcasters has begun. This sanctuary for music maniacs and lovers, has found a unique cause, once again, to be together in one place, with one love, one heart...

                                            LOST   IN   TYME  RADIO

Proud to present to you, our new internet station, founded with love and passion, from some very good friends , music aficionados and boozetunes connoisseurs. For all those that are familiar with Boozetunes, that unique music collective, they all know are standards in music, and how it will play. The newcomers that will join the adventure will find out themselves about the magic that makes things happen here.

On our web page you will be able to find articles and news about our future goals. For those that they have lost their mojos, we will have a lost and found section, plus a daily care for those that their mojos are preschool age.

LOST IN TYME RADIO, is under configuration and construction as we are making one small step on the moon . Our weekly program has obviously not been completely sorted out, meaning that we are still open to suggestions and propositions for someone who shares similar interests to ours and is willing to put passion and effort in order to play music in our radio.
We are open for passionate people who want to share and enjoy irresponsibly their music, broadcasting with us.

Fuzzy Daddy's radio show is every Wednesday 21:30-23:30, Hellas time.



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