Monday, December 23, 2019

New Links for Popsike Dreams 1 - 133 ...


Il Commendatore said...

This is a true Christmas gift!!!
Thanks a lot!

Tony said...

Many thanks for this HUGE re-up.
As I go through my Boozetunes collections I find a lot of gaps.
Is there any chance of some more re-ups, Please.
Some of those I have missing are:

Mister Stardust Presents:
(Don't) Drain the Swamp
Rattle the Cage
Seize the Night
Depart the Earth
Shake the Devil

Crazy Mama Presents:
The Dub & The Dubber … All Volumes
Harvey Wallbanger
Swiss Rolls … Both Volumes
OutLaw - If That Ain't Country!!!
I Got Stoned But I Didn't Miss It
Moonshined & Wasted
Scarfaced Jazz Series Vol.1

The Great Whateverist Presents:
To Rave U Into Plastic Funk Fantastic

Smartnoise Presents:
Stocking Stuffers … Both Volumes
The Melting Pot
Safety Pin In My Heart
Put Something Good Inside... For The Groove In You

Adonai Presenta:
Esta Vivo

In anticipation, many thanks and be well.

Mitch Useless said...

ThanX a lot
Unfortunately No. 96 + 99 are damged archives,
I downloaded them multiple times, but they always show the same error:
"unexpected end of archive / header is damaged"
Could you reup these 2 Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
Thanks again

Il Commendatore said...

Thanks for updating volumes 96 and 99!!!

Mitch Useless said...

ThanX very much for re-upping these 2 volumes, now I got this fantastic series complete.

donjenaro said...

T-H-A-N-K-S !!!!

chan said...

Digging the hard rock comps. Could you repost the "Getting High In Motor City" series?