Monday, December 23, 2019

New Links for Popsike Dreams 1 - 133 ...


Il Commendatore said...

This is a true Christmas gift!!!
Thanks a lot!

Tony said...

Many thanks for this HUGE re-up.
As I go through my Boozetunes collections I find a lot of gaps.
Is there any chance of some more re-ups, Please.
Some of those I have missing are:

Mister Stardust Presents:
(Don't) Drain the Swamp
Rattle the Cage
Seize the Night
Depart the Earth
Shake the Devil

Crazy Mama Presents:
The Dub & The Dubber … All Volumes
Harvey Wallbanger
Swiss Rolls … Both Volumes
OutLaw - If That Ain't Country!!!
I Got Stoned But I Didn't Miss It
Moonshined & Wasted
Scarfaced Jazz Series Vol.1

The Great Whateverist Presents:
To Rave U Into Plastic Funk Fantastic

Smartnoise Presents:
Stocking Stuffers … Both Volumes
The Melting Pot
Safety Pin In My Heart
Put Something Good Inside... For The Groove In You

Adonai Presenta:
Esta Vivo

In anticipation, many thanks and be well.

Mitch Useless said...

ThanX a lot
Unfortunately No. 96 + 99 are damged archives,
I downloaded them multiple times, but they always show the same error:
"unexpected end of archive / header is damaged"
Could you reup these 2 Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
Thanks again

Il Commendatore said...

Thanks for updating volumes 96 and 99!!!

Mitch Useless said...

ThanX very much for re-upping these 2 volumes, now I got this fantastic series complete.

donjenaro said...

T-H-A-N-K-S !!!!

chan said...

Digging the hard rock comps. Could you repost the "Getting High In Motor City" series?

Unknown said...

Any chance you could reup the "Forgotten Tales From The Old Albion" series? Thanks.

Waterloo, Iowa

Unknown said...

Thanks Fuzzy Daddy! Much appreciated!!

Days Between said...

Many thanks for all the re-ups.

Tony said...

Hi Chan,
I have uploaded "Getting High In Motor City" series to my Google drive.
The link is:-

Hi JCO from Waterloo, Iowa,
I have uploaded "Forgotten Tales From The Old Albion" series to my Google drive.
The link is:

Any problems let me know.
Be well

chan said...

Both hands making devil horns screaming, "YEEEESSSSSS!!!!"