Friday, December 7, 2012

Tommenton en la Cuadra Presenta...Holidays in Greece, 1st visit Boozetunes

Boozetunes likes guest authors and guest stars. Proud to present our friend from Spain Jose Kortozirkuito and his Tommenton en la Cuadra,
to Boozetunes Land. Here are a few words from our friend.

Hello Boozetunes friends,
Happy to participate here, that according to my opinion, the quality of the posts in Boozetunes Land,
have won their place among the greats.
I' m visiting Greece, through Boozetunes, and soon Garage Tapes and Acid Years,
a trip that shows the quantity and the quality of blogging in Greece.
Off course their hospitality will be returned by thanking them when they will visit Spain through mine.
It was difficult for me to decide what to put in my compilations,
so it came out finally a nice mix of garage folk themes from the 60's, that are favorites.
Hope all of you enjoy it and feel the bond music creates, that unites people.
I knew no one in Greece before but now i have a few good friends. It s really working.
I thought it would take me a few words only to introduce you that but...
Stop reading and enjoy the music.

Jose Kortozirkuito

Tommenton en la Cuadra Presenta Holidays in Greece 1st visit Boozetunes


jose kortozirkuito said...

Hi, I'm sebi, jose's companion,
I participated in the composition of the cover of these discs and is very fun to do, is also very good collection, and enjoy it!
I like the relationship that bear Greece-Spain
Greetings from our corner in the mountains

Fuzzy Daddy said...

Hi Sebi , thanks for the nice artwork and music. Yes , we like it a lot!

cozmicbeat said...

Damned I've just discovered this great blog but the links for "Fuzzy Daddy Presents - Impressions De Rock Francais Vol.1 & 2" doesn't work anymore... Any chance of a new upload ? Merci beaucoup & joyeux Noel !!!

jose kortozirkuito said...

2nd visit is available in "Garage Tapes"

jose kortozirkuito said...

3rd visits in "acid Years":