Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fuzzy Daddy y Los Amigos de Aragon Presentan Aragon, Mosica y Borinas Vol.2 & 3

Today is the celebration day of Aragon in Spain and therefore the most appropriate day for the follow up of our small tribute. In the second and third volume you can listen to some 80s and 90s bands, most of them were unknown to us but surprised us in a very positive way and we are pretty sure that the same will happen also to you .
Let us leave the rest of this presentation to brother Jose from Tommenton en la cuadra who has seen the development of this music scene and surely knows more.

Hola amigos,
When Fuzzy Daddy sent me the first compilation Mosica y Borinas (music and revelry in Aragonese language) with the Aragonese folk artists, i was stunned because i thought this music is difficult to be known beyond the borders.
Aragon is a harsh land of northern Spain,where rock music has always been very popular. Other styles such as pop or punk never been able to compete with rock.
These two volumes (2 & 3) is a good example of the bands that marked the forefront of rock music in Aragon during 80s and 90s. You will find well known groups with international fame like the Heroes del Silencio and local bands with a demo cassette,impossible to find and listen anywhere, such as the Extasis,a legendary band from Sobrabe,neighbors and my friends,with one demo of four songs that should go down in rock history. You will also listen to Tako, a band with 30 years on the road, the District 14 from Zaragoza, and Dias De Vino y Rosas, along with lesser known bands but equally interesting. There are also quite a few bands from Huesca,my province,including the mythical Mestizos and La Escoria Oriental with their anthem Regue Monegros, along with the Proscritos and Estigma.
I hope you enjoy this brief look at the rock music of Aragon, rock music made from the heart. I would like to dedicate Volume 3 to Gilito,our friend in heaven,he is surely downloading these discs right now.
Thanks to Fuzzy Daddy for showing this music to the whole world and Crazy Mama for the great covers. Supermano and La Virgen Del Pilar are the two most emblematic characters in Aragon.
Enjoy Mosica y Borinas!
Jose Kortozirkuito

 Mosica y Borinas Vol.2

Mosica y Borinas Vol.3

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jose kortozirkuito said...

Hi bro:
Very happy to appear again here.
Thanks for spreading the music of Aragon. It has been fun making a volume of this series, and remember the old bands.