Friday, July 11, 2014

Jose Kortozirkuito Presents The Spirit Of Metal - Daze Of My Youth Vol.1

Some years ago, when my good friend Jose Kortozirkuito was younger, he also had a thing for heavy metal music. So , when I thought that it is time to include some heavy metal music in this blog, I asked Jose to remember and share with us some memories of his old heavy daze.
So, here we are and let’s start with Jose's own words

Hola Amigos
It is my pleasure being here in this blog again, which i feel as a second home. Some time ago Fuzzy had told me that he wanted my participation in his effort to include heavy metal music in the compilations of Boozetunes blog and so I jumped in with no second thoughts.
And this because heavy metal music brings my memory back to 1994 - 1997 when I was a radio producer at a local station called Kortzirkuito ( short circuit ). That is where my nickname came from. It was a good time back then, nice gigs and nice friends.
The first volume here is dedicated to power ballads and is addressed to those who love old metal but also to those who don’t like it particularly. This first part is also special to me because it was originally made 13 years ago for the birthday of my friend Sylvia and I keep this habit to make collections for that day.
I hope you like these heavy ballads so we can proceed to the second part.
Jose Kortozirkuito

Heavy Daze Vol.1

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jose kortozirkuito said...

Hi friends:
I am very happy to take part again here.
Great memories of my past Heavy Metal.
Greetings from Spain