Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tommenton en la Cuadra Presenta...Holidays in Greece, 8th visit , Boozetunes

We are proud to present our friend Jose Kortozirkuito and the great Tommenton en la Cuadra blog again in Boozeland . Another nice mix of garage folk themes from the 60's here , as always . And a nice cover too . Brother , thank you very much , always a pleasure to talk and work with you . Enjoy the music my friends !!!

 Holidays in Greece, 8th visit


skipmooose said...

Hi, I have been Loving this site for a few years now, especially the Garage COMPS...Are the other Holidays in Greece available??...I found 1 & 4 on here, but no others.....Thank You...Skip

jose kortozirkuito said...

For me it is always a pleasure to work on this blog.
Boozetunes is a meeting place of friends who love music.
I hope you enjoy this comp.
Greetings from Spain

jose kortozirkuito said...

Holidays In Greece Complete Collection

Vol. 1 Boozetunes

Vol. 2 Garage Tapes

Vol. 3 Acid Years

Vol. 4 Boozetunes

Vol. 5 Psychspaniolos

Vol. 6 Music Is Life

Vol. 7 Psychspaniolos


skipmooose said...

Thank You, Jose, I managed to get all but 2 & 5, 2 has a virus problem in the download with Garage Tapes Blog & Volume 5...The Zippy link has expired!

I'll start with these, and any re-ups for everybody would be greatly appreciated!!....Thanks for all your hard work & everybody connected to Booze Tunes and the other sites too!!....Skip Miller

jose kortozirkuito said...

Tomorrow Re-Up Vols. 2 and 5.
Search in my blog
Right Column, Section "Colaboraciones en Otros Blogs" - RE-UP



skipmooose said...

Thanks, Jose....Really Appreciate that, will check in the morning!!....(U.S.Time EST)....And a Big THANK YOU for the quick response!!...Skip (mOOOse)