About Us

In this blog, we are a bunch of people, that have decided to share in public music that has been
significant for us, in a few words these collections that are found here are considered,
as the soundtrack of our lives.
Because it is not fare for the artists that they own the songs, not to be supported
read carefully the following lines:
Please after listening to these songs,
delete the albums,
and if you like any of what you have listened to,
go and buy it, there are music stores that sell everything that has to do with music,
and support the artists and their pimping companies.

In case you find something disturbing or inappropriate, do tell us to take it off the blog.

No bad vibes will be tolerated,

No one here has any profit by doing that.

There is no use for writing comments to make us continue posting, just click on thanks button
if you feel you have to.We do not force any one to be polite and thankful. This is something either you feel it by yourself, or not.

The contact mails to communicate with us, are: